Getting started with Z-Uno

Here are few steps to start building your own smart home devices based on Z-Uno:

  1. We suggest to start by looking on the Z-Uno quick introduction and the Z-Uno Quick Start Guide.
  2. Install Arduino IDE and Z-Uno package on your computer. Arduino IDE is used to upgrade and program Z-Uno.
  3. Windows users are also required to install Z-Uno driver for Windows
  4. Once done, you can load examples provided by us (all examples are also evailable from Aduino IDE via File → Examples → Z-Uno), modify them or start writing your own code. For more information on syntax please visit Language Reference page.
  5. To fully benifit from Z-Uno you need to add Z-Uno in in your Z-Wave network (also known as Inclusion).
  6. If you experience problems with Z-Uno, please have a look on our Troubleshooting page.